Restorative Schools


A school can be a place of healing. A school can be a place of justice.

Restorative Practice in schools can help us to reduce disparities in learning, foster a joyful community, and vastly decrease the chances of students reaching the criminal justice system as adolescents and adults. We view school change through trauma-informed and equity lens as we take a systems approach to Restorative Schools. We will help you build a customized plan of training, coaching, policy change and leadership development to help your schools to be a place of healing and justice for every single person.


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RJIM facilitates learning for educators, administrators, students and parents to help build a restorative movement in your school. Our training process generally includes assessment, training, ongoing coaching and support. Because we know the value of positioning training within a sound implementation strategy, our two-pronged approach with schools focuses heavily on sound implementation strategies for bringing Restorative Practices to their fullest potential to meet the goals of your school.


We cherish our partnerships with schools in Maine because here we find courage, joy, and unbelievable potential for making a difference in our world.

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About Restorative Schools


“School-based restorative justice offers a more equitable and respectful alternative for dealing with disciplinary infractions, [and] it is also a proactive strategy to create a culture of connectivity where all members of the school community feel valued and thrive. Restorative justice is a profoundly relational practice….” From Oakland Unified School District Restorative Justice Implementation Guide: A Whole School Approach

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Partner Schools


These schools have worked with RJIM to implement Restorative Practices to build justice and healing to their school communities...

Longley Elementary, Lewiston Middle School, Lewiston High School, Montello Elementary, Martel Elementary, Geiger Elementary, McMahon Elementary, Farwell Elementary, Lake Region High School, Lake Region Middle School, Harpswell Coastal Academy, RETC Progam in Auburn, Portland High School, Monmouth Middle School, Cony High School, Deer Isle Stonington Schools, Noble High School, Kennebunk Elementary School..... and more...


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