Programs of RJIM


At the Restorative Justice Institute of Maine, ​we work through thoughtful implementation of programming in close partnership with key collaborators and advisors. Whether it's with a community, or with an agency or school, RJIM favors action research and reflection over cookie cutter approaches. We try to combine the best known information on "what works" with the desires and hopes of the community or organization we're working with. This allows for a tailored approach within a community or agency, while caring for high quality programming and manageable plans. 

Our Youth Justice Programming allows for statewide support and accountability for young people at risk of falling into the criminal justice system or out of school. We train local facilitators and develop local projects to put this program to work with some of the most important challenges facing communities.

Our Restorative Schools Program recognizes the fact that students learn how to be in community and relationships inside our schools. If we want to prevent harm in our communities and build the communities we want to live in, we have to teach community in school.

Our Projects are community-driven initiatives that work at the small scale first to help us to develop pilots and learn about the ways that Restorative Practices can work to address community needs in the youth and adult justice systems, in organizations, and beyond.

Our Annual Think Tank has become an important annual gathering for our statewide community of practice. Convening Events and Training Opportunities is an important part of RJIM's work.

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