Restorative Justice and Transformative Justice are philosophies that can be applied to our most pressing community challenges. We work closely with people directly impacted by injustice and harm in Maine's communities to create justice together. Check out our current projects:
Culture Change Led by Incarcerated Men
While our overall vision is that the Prison system shrinks-- we also know that there are people incarcerated today who are actively working to improve conditions and support other incarcerated people in their healing and transformation.
With this in mind, we created a work plan that includes: Art for Awareness-building, a peer-to-peer class by and for prisoners, training for staff, and a conference on restorative practices.
Keeping Adults with Intellectual Disabilities In Community and Out of Jail
One of our facilitators has family with intellectual disabilities and has worked in the field for many years. She has worked with RJIM as well as key partner agencies in southern Maine to develop a pilot project. The project is focused on supporting restorative practices with these adults at the moment that they are at most risk for incarceration- when there has been a critical incident at their residence and they are at risk of losing their placement. We are also working to train staff of these residences to prevent these incidents from happening, and preserve important relationships in the home.
Survivor-Led Restorative Work With Sexual Violence
We are starting a new project engaging survivors of sexual violence in co-designing Restorative and Transformative Justice options for Maine. Please see our invitation to learn more about the process we engaged in last year! There will be more opportunities to be involved in this program coming soon! 
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